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Inertial supercharger system for URAL DNEPR K-750 motorcycles
This inertial system may save up to 18% gas in urban cycle and 12% off-road. Rise power and acceleration bike's engine without downer reliability. System forbid condense fuel-air in carb and intake port. It use flow's inertia in left cylinder for right cylinder and inversely.

On 1100 RPM power with system up on 4 hp, on 2000 RPM power up on 3 ph than without system. On more high RPM powers is equal. See graph:

How to install an inertial supercharger system for URAL DNEPR K-750 motorcycles?
The entire installation process takes no more than half hour! You need two 13-14mm spanner and hammer.
Step 1. Undo two nuts and dismount carburettor. Save a gasket!
Step 2. Lock two nuts on stud using two spanner (or one spanner and flat-nosed pliers).
Step 3. When two nuts were locked, you can dismount old short studs.
Step 4. Mount new long studs.
Step 5. Mount collector on new studs.
Step 6. Mount new gasket.
Step 7. Fix hose pipe yoke.
Step 8. Mount carburettor on collector.
Step 9. Pull hose pipe between the generator and the air filter. Mount the second collector.
Step10. When both collectors were mounted you can start engine. Adjust carburetors if necessary!
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