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Cylinder head gasket (aluminum) URAL 650cc - $0.79/ea In Stock

Intake branch pipes (set of 2pc.) URAL - $7.99/ea In Stock

Shock absorber bushing silent block 63-09296 (rubber) URAL - $0.99/ea In Stock

Oil filter URAL - $1.49/ea In Stock

Oil filter (high quality) with bushing URAL - $3.49/ea In Stock

Cylinder head rocker cover gasket URAL 650cc - $0.99/ea In Stock

Rubber footrest (driver, passenger) URAL DNEPR K-750 - $3.49/ea In Stock
IMZ-URAL motorcycles history
KMZ-Dnepr motorcycles history
How to ride URAL motorcycle?
Adjustment and repair K65T carburetors
Inertial supercharger system URAL DNEPR
How to shorten a cable on a motorcycle?
How to longer a cable on a motorcycle?
Oil seals for URAL and their analogues
Oil seals of URAL motorcycle and their analogues
Location of Use Quantity Original Part No. Original Size (mm) Analogue Part No. Analogue Size (mm) Type
Kick starter shaft seal 1 8.101.04048 20x40x10 Corteco 12010826b 20x40x7 RB
(helix both rotation)
Camshaft seal 1 72-01124 15x30x7 Corteco 12010803b 16x30x7 RB
(helix both rotation)
15x30x7 NQK TC 15x30x7 RB
(helix both rotation)
Crankshaft seal 1 72-01025 50x70x10 Toyota 9031050006 50x70x9 RB
(helix both rotation)
Corteco 19017040b 50x70x9 RB
(helix both rotation)
Musashi T1086 50x70x9 RB
(helix both rotation)
Final drive seal 1 62-05033 33.4x49.4x8.5 Musashi S4888 33x49x8 RM
(clockwise helix)
Reinz 815391800 33x49x8 RM
(clockwise helix)
Hyundai 4735239300 34x49x7 RB
(helix both rotation)
Final drive collar seal 1 72-05113 44x93x12.5 45x58x7 NQK TC 45x58x7 RB
(helix both rotation)
Corteco 01031573b 45x58x7 RB
(helix both rotation)
Corteco 19016629b 45x59x8 RB
(helix both rotation)
Corteco 12017270b 45x60x8 RB
(helix both rotation)
Secondary shaft seal 1 62-04157 35.4x48.1x8.5 Corteco 19016622b 35x48x8 RB
(helix both rotation)
Musashi N2135 35x48x8 RB
(helix both rotation)
Gearcase cover seal 2 62-04147 11.5x25.1x7 GB13871-1992b 12x25x7 RB
(helix both rotation)
Reinz 811529400 12x25x7 RM
(clockwise helix)
Main (primary) shaft seal 1 62-04152 31.4x45.1x8 32x45x7 NQK TC 32x45x7 RB
(helix both rotation)
Corteco 19036280b 32x45x8 RB
(helix both rotation)
Musashi 13657 30x45x8 RM
(clockwise helix)
Wheel hub seal 4 62-06162 24.4x36.5x6.9 Corteco 19015059b 25x38x7 RB
(helix both rotation)
25x38x8 NQK TC 25x38x8 RB
(helix both rotation)
Musashi T1141 25x38x8 RB
(helix both rotation)
Generator G-424 12V seal 1 22x40x10 Corteco 19034047b 22x40x10 RB
(helix both rotation)
Subaru 806722050 22x40x10 RB
(helix both rotation)
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