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Microprocessor contactless electronic ignition system (1135.3734) with coil (135.3705M) URAL DNEPR
Microprocessor contactless electronic ignition system (1135.3734) with coil (135.3705M) URAL DNEPR
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Microprocessor Electronic Ignition has long been recognized as a means of increasing a motorbike efficiency. It does this simply by burning the fuel very much more effectively than is possible with any traditional contact breaker "points" system. Microprocessor Contactless Electronic Ignition gives seven major advantages, it reduces fuel consumption, it increases power, it improves starting, it's reliable, it drastically reduces exhaust pollution, it reduces maintenance and it leads to smoother running.

  • Fuel economy
    By burning the petrol more completely the engine uses less fuel resulting in a significant increase in miles per gallon.

  • Increased power
    Again as a direct result of more complete combustion, the engine produces more power for the same amount of fuel making your bike more responsive.

  • Better starting
    The increased energy in the spark makes starting easier and gives "first time" starting almost every time.

  • Reliability
    The unit gives a reliability, which is only obtainable through the latest solid state electronics.

  • Cleaner exhaust
    Electronic ignition is fitted as standard in many countries that have stringent exhaust ignition regulations.

  • Reduce maintenance
    With no contacting moving parts to wear out, no points to replace, and timing that stays accurate for an indefinite period maintenance requirements are considerably reduced.

  • Smoother running
    The accurate timing of the unit together with the complete elimination of points bounce means that an engine runs much more smoothly.


  • Voltage: 12 volts;
  • Operating range: 6 - 16 volts;
  • Sparking voltage: ~17 kV;
  • Consumption current: 0.15 A (150 mA);
  • Coils: range of coils up to 1.5 A;
  • Temperature: works in conditions from -50 C to +100 C;
  • The Contactless Electronic Ignition is intended for work in the system of an electric equipment of two-cylinders carburetor engines of motorcycles URAL or DNEPR all updating (Dnepr MT-9 / Dnepr MT-10 / Dnepr MT-10-36 / Dnepr MT-11 / Dnepr MT-12 / Dnepr MT-16 / Ural M61 / Ural M62 / Ural M63 / Ural M66 / Ural M67 / Ural M67-36 / URAL Tourist / M72).
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